Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sign the Online Petition to Free Ramsey Muniz

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Send a Letter to Pope Francis. Thank Him for His Prayers and Blessings to Ramiro R. Muniz

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His Holiness
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Your Holiness:
I am writing to extend our deepest gratitude to you for sending prayers and blessings to Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, who has been unjustly incarcerated for almost 22 years. We thank God for your correspondence, as he has suffered unlike any other because of who he is.
Ramsey Muñiz suffers from an incarceration that has been disregarded for years. He is a good and loving person who graduated from Baylor Law School and became a candidate for governor of Texas during the Civil Rights Movement. Muñiz represented Mexican Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, and others who lacked a political voice. He brought positive change for many. As a result, he suffered imprisonment several times, and he is now in prison for life. Innocence was impossible to prove.
Ramsey Muñiz, a Catholic, has always been spiritual. During his childhood he helped his grandmother to pray for the sick. His faith remains strong today. He maintains faith in God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgen de Guadalupe.
Dr. Andres Guerrero, a graduate of Harvard School of Divinity, learned of the incarceration of Ramsey Muñiz. He visited him at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Dr. Guerrero witnessed his immense suffering and today he is writing a book about his life and present incarceration.
We have asked Deborah Leff, Pardon Attorney, to forward the Petition for Commutation of Sentence, submitted by Ramiro R. Muñiz, to President Barack Obama. Muñiz He is 72 years of age, and he suffers from chronic, degenerative health conditions (hip fracture, herniated disc, anemia). He is not violent.
If your schedule were to permit, we would be honored for you to visit Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz. He is at the Federal Correctional Medium Institution in Beaumont, Texas. Your historical visit would represent the first steps toward his freedom, and give hope to thousands of prisoners and families who suffer.
As our spiritual leader, we ask that you speak of this case to President Obama, and write a letter of support asking him to grant the freedom of Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, 40288-115. To learn more about Muñiz, please visit our website and blog at and
We extend our gratitude and prayers to you for all you have done for humanity.

                                                            In spiritual unity with you and God’s family,