Thursday, August 8, 2013

Demand Justice and Freedom for Ramsey Muñiz

Friends --
Please forward it to all contacts, organizations, and media. Write to President Barack Obama and ask him to grant a Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz and free him from 20 years of unjust imprisonment. See the mailing address below. For additional details, go to and

                                                                August 5, 2013

Irma L. Muñiz
National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz
PMB 216 5403 Everhart Road
Corpus Christi, TX  78411
The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States
c/o Office of the Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Avenue, N.W. Suite 11000
Washington, D.C. 20530

           Re: Defense of Human Rights for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz

 Dear President Barack Obama:

 After your tour of Maison Des Esclaves you stated “…We have to remain vigilant when it comes to the defense of people’s human rights -- because I’m a firm believer that humanity is fundamentally good, but it’s only good when good people stand up for what’s right. “ (Remarks by President Obama After Tour of Maison Des Esclaves, 2013, We agree with your position on human rights.

The National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz seeks human rights for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, an American citizen who has been unjustly imprisoned for nearly twenty years. He was a distinguished football star and scholar. He was awarded a full scholarship to Baylor University where he served as an officer of the Fellowship Christian Athletes.  Ramsey Muñiz received a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree in Political Science, and a Juris Doctorate Degree from Baylor School of Law. He was a successful attorney who later became one of the first Mexican Americans/Hispanics to run for Governor of Texas.

In his 1994 conviction, Ramsey Muñiz was pursued without cause, tried by an all white jury, and sentenced to life without parole. Information that would have exonerated him was withheld, which was in violation of his constitutional, civil, and human rights. For these reasons, we continue to demand justice and freedom.

We have corresponded with you about the case of Ramsey Muñiz. His life was unlawfully and unjustly taken, and he has suffered greatly for many years of his life. Family members and supporters have suffered throughout years of separation, and they stand by him today.

When you speak of human rights, we ask, “What about the case of Ramsey Muñiz?” Human rights are intended for people of all colors, and this includes Hispanics, Latinos and
Mexican-American citizens in the United States.

Ramsey Muñiz has been wrongfully incarcerated for many years. National Hispanic and Latino communities throughout the United States seek his immediate release. As a president who believes in defending human rights, we ask for your support in helping to obtain his freedom. To learn more about Ramsey Muñiz, go to


                                                            Very truly yours,

                                  Irma Muñiz