Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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            Re: Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, 40288-115

Dear Senator/Representative:

I am writing to ask that you send a letter to President Barack Obama, to support the Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro "Ramsey" Muñiz, 40288-115. Muñiz is 72 years of age and he has chronic, degenerative medical conditions. He uses a wheelchair or walker to transport himself. 

In these times when non-violent prisoners are being considered for release from prison, Ramsey Muñiz is the perfect example for a person who deserves consideration. He has never committed a violent crime in his life. . 

Knowing that President Obama is in the process of selecting non-violent petitioners for early release, Muñiz qualifies for a Commutation of Sentence. The Hispanic community and members of Hispanic organizations (National LULAC, the American GI Forum, Friends of Justice) will remain politically involved in this issue to ensure that Ramsey Muñiz will be granted a Petition for Commutation of Sentence in 2015. 

President Obama's mailing address is provided below for your convenience. Thank you for your assistance with this matter that is of utmost importance to many supporters. 

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20500


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sample Letter to Deborah Leff, Pardon Attorney

Current Date

Ms. Deborah Leff
Pardon Attorney
145 N Street,  N.E. Room 5E.508
Washington, D.C. 20530

            Re: Support Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz 40288-115

Dear Ms. Leff:

I am writing in support of the Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro "Ramsey" Muñiz, based on his health and age. At nearly 72 years of age, he suffers from chronic, degenerative medical conditions due to circumstances that could not have been foreseen by the court during sentencing. Additionally, he has never committed a violent act in his life.

Muñiz uses a wheelchair the majority of the time, as he is no longer able to walk as before. Because of the age and condition of Mr. Muniz, we ask that you forward the Petition for Commutation of Sentence to President Barack Obama.

The Hispanic community will remain politically involved in this issue to ensure that Ramsey Muñiz is granted a Commutation of Sentence by President Obama before he leaves office. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 25th Letter from Supporters of Ramsey Muniz to President Barack Obama

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June 29, 2015

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20500

            Re: Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro R. Muñiz, 40288-115

Dear Mr. President:

We the family, friends, and supporters of Ramiro "Ramsey" Muñiz are writing to ask for your support in granting his Petition for Commutation of Sentence. Muñiz has been incarcerated for 21 years. At 72 years of age, he suffers from deteriorating medical conditions which could not have been foreseen by the Court when he was sentenced in 1994. 

The life sentence imposed on Ramsey Muñiz is cruel and unusual. As a president who defends human rights, we ask that you strongly consider the application of a man whose long imprisonment has brought about suffering for him and his family for many years.

Our families remain united with Ramsey Muñiz. We will never abandon the struggle to obtain his freedom. 

We ask that you grant the Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Ramsey Muñiz.

Very truly yours,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mexican American Democrats Resolution at the Texas Democratic Party Convention in Dallas, TX



Senatorial District 23

WHEREAS, Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, a former civil rights leader, and other Mexican Americans and Chicano leaders of the Texas Raza Unida Party were instrumental in establishing the foundation for the Tejano Democrats and Mexican American Democrats; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, a graduate of Baylor School of Law and former attorney, chose to provide a voice for those without political representation, and he become a Texas gubernatorial candidate in 1972 and 1974; and

Whereas,   Because of his political candidacy for governor, the Texas Democratic and Republican Parties historically identified Mexican Americans, Hispanic Latinos as candidates and leaders; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muñiz made positive social, educational, political, and economic contributions in the state of Texas; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz became subject to legal problems that were politically motivated, bringing about unjust imprisonment and continuous unlawful incarceration; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, who sacrificed his life, maintains love, spirituality, and the faith that one day he and all humanity will obtain freedom; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz has spent 21 years unjustly imprisoned and separated from his family who maintains great love for him; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, whose case is not criminal but political, has no associations with criminal organizations, no history of violence, and he has consistently demonstrated good conduct in prison; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muñiz is now 71 years of age and he suffers from chronic physical conditions which force him to use a wheelchair

Therefore Be It Resolved, We support Executive Clemency for Ramsey Muñiz and we ask President Barack Obama to grant his immediate release.

Tejano Democrats Resolution at Texas Democratic Party Convention in Dallas, Texas


Resolution in support of the Humanitarian Release of Ramsey Muñiz

WHEREAS, Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, a great civil rights leader of the Chicano Movimiento, who advocated for freedom and equality for all Mexican Americans and Latinos throughout America; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz   represented the best and the brightest advocates for the poor and underrepresented Latinos in Texas and became a Texas gubernatorial candidate in 1972 and 1974; and

WHEREAS, Through his work as a community volunteer, Ramsey Muñiz brought significant social, educational, political and economic advancements for Mexican Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and other Americans throughout Texas, the Southwest, and nation; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz’s advocacy increased his vulnerability to prosecution that ultimately resulted in his imprisonment without the possibility of parole. The sentence constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for a such a worthy man, and 

Whereas, Ramsey Muniz has now spent 21 years of his life unjustly  imprisoned, far from his family and friends , where he has suffered greatly and continues to suffer to this day; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muñiz, is 72 years of age and poses no threat to his community. On the contrary his release would benefit the Latino Community; and

WHEREAS, the State Tejano Democrats acknowledge Ramsey Muniz’s civil rights works on behalf of Latinos and recognizes that Presidential compassion is merited in this case.

Therefore Be It Resolved, that State Tejano Democrats supports the efforts of the National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz and requests that President Barack Obama grant Ramsey Muñiz an immediate Commutation of Sentence - Freedom for Ramsey Muñiz.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that State Tejano Democrats Urge President Obama for a Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muniz by writing letters addressed to Deborah Leff, Pardon Attorney, 145 N. Street N.E. Room SE.508, Washington, D.C. 20530 and petition the Office of the Pardon Attorney for Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro Muniz 40288-115 and ask Ms. Leff to submit his application to President Barack Obama.

Submitted by:    Samuel Cortez, SD 9 Delegate, and State Tejano Democrats
                               Secretary Gracie Cortez, Dallas, August 2015

Texas Tejano Democrats Ramsey Muniz Resolution Passed January 25, 2014

A Resolution in Support of Commutation of Sentence for Ramsey Muñiz

WHEREAS Ramsey Muñiz had the courage to run for Governor of Texas in 1972 and 1974, winning 214,118 votes; and

WHEREAS Ramsey Muñiz has made contributions of timeless significance to the cause of advancing civil rights for all; and

WHEREAS Ramsey Muñiz has kept faith in the Tejano community all his life; and

WHEREAS President Barack Obama has the power to free Ramsey Muniz, as in South Africa President F.W. De Klerk used that power to free Nelson Mandela; and

WHEREAS Ramsey Muñiz is 71 years old, is eligible for and deserves clemency

BE IT RESOLVED that the State Tejano Democrats support the commutation of sentence for Ramsey Muniz and his immediate release from incarceration.

Resolution Approved

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Othon Medina

Chairman State Tejano Democrats

Mexican American Democrats Letter of Support

January 27, 2014

Mrs. Irma Muñiz
National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz
PMB 216 5403 Everhart Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Dear Mrs. Muñiz:

On behalf of the Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD of Texas), I respectfully submit this letter support you and the National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz’ tireless work on behalf of Mr. Muñiz’ release.  Our statewide organization has twenty-two chapters across the state of Texas.  MAD of Texas met at the annual convention in Austin, Texas on September 28, 2013 and passed a resolution in support of Mr. Muñiz’ “Commutation of Sentence and Compassionate Release.  The MAD of Texas Resolution states the following:

“MAD joins the growing list of organizations and individuals that support efforts by the National Committee to Free Ramiro "Ramsey" Muñiz in seeking his immediate freedom.  Furthermore, MAD requests he be released under the auspices of President Obama’s Compassionate Release Program.  Muñiz, who advocated for civil and human rights has been imprisoned for over twenty years.  Prior to his imprisonment, Muniz was a distinguished football star and scholar, having been awarded a full scholarship to Baylor University where he served as an officer of the Fellowship Christian Athletes. Ramsey Muñiz received a Bachelor of Arts & Science Degree in Political Science, and Juris Doctorate Degree from Baylor School of Law. He was a successful attorney who later became the first Mexican American to run for Governor of Texas.”


Steve Salazar
Steve Salazar
State Chair
MAD of Texas

Roberto R. Alonzo
Roberto R. Alonzo
National Spokesperson
MAD of Texas

Mexican American Democrats of Texas     400 S. Zang Blvd., Suite 810, Dallas, Texas 75208

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ramsey Muniz Sacrificed His Freedom, Personal Interests, Family, and Happiness

Dear President Obama:

We ask God, Jesus Christ, La Virgen de Guadalupe and the holy spirits in heaven to pray that the Castro family will continue to benefit from the efforts and historical contributions made by Ramsey Muñiz for Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, Latinos, and others whose lives were changed for the best.

Through the Raza Unida Party he and others advocated freedom and justice for all. As a Texas candidate for governor, Ramsey Muñiz awakened others about the contributions of Mexican Americans and others who had been excluded by a political process that included the Democrat and Republican parties. He later suffered for bringing this to light and for bringing about a positive change that he predicted forty years ago.

The historical contributions of Ramsey Muñiz cannot be denied yet silence remains, and he continues to suffer (over 21 years) from unjust incarceration. This is known by many leading Hispanic Democrats who have done little to seek justice in his case. The Honorable Lloyd Doggett, The Honorable Gonzalo Barrientos, and The Honorable Gene Green are among other supporters, who have provided assistance, and we are grateful for the leadership qualities that they have demonstrated.

Eventually truth will come to light. The Democratic Party will learn that Hispanic votes will not automatically be given, and the Republican Party will learn that injustice still exists.

The family and supporters of Ramsey Muñiz expect the truth to be revealed. It is only right, knowing that for the sake of truth Muñiz sacrificed his freedom, personal interests, family, and happiness.

National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz
4833 Saratoga Blvd. #336
Corpus Christi, TX 78413