Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mexican American Democrats Resolution at the Texas Democratic Party Convention in Dallas, TX



Senatorial District 23

WHEREAS, Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, a former civil rights leader, and other Mexican Americans and Chicano leaders of the Texas Raza Unida Party were instrumental in establishing the foundation for the Tejano Democrats and Mexican American Democrats; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, a graduate of Baylor School of Law and former attorney, chose to provide a voice for those without political representation, and he become a Texas gubernatorial candidate in 1972 and 1974; and

Whereas,   Because of his political candidacy for governor, the Texas Democratic and Republican Parties historically identified Mexican Americans, Hispanic Latinos as candidates and leaders; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muñiz made positive social, educational, political, and economic contributions in the state of Texas; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz became subject to legal problems that were politically motivated, bringing about unjust imprisonment and continuous unlawful incarceration; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, who sacrificed his life, maintains love, spirituality, and the faith that one day he and all humanity will obtain freedom; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz has spent 21 years unjustly imprisoned and separated from his family who maintains great love for him; and

Whereas, Ramsey Muñiz, whose case is not criminal but political, has no associations with criminal organizations, no history of violence, and he has consistently demonstrated good conduct in prison; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muñiz is now 71 years of age and he suffers from chronic physical conditions which force him to use a wheelchair

Therefore Be It Resolved, We support Executive Clemency for Ramsey Muñiz and we ask President Barack Obama to grant his immediate release.

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