Sunday, August 28, 2011


Defended our rights in advocating freedom, justice, equality, and love for all

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A Student Campaign for Freedom, Justice, and Love

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Irma Muniz, Chairperson
National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz
PMB 216 5403 Everhart Rd.
Corpus Christi, TX  78411
(409) 363-1878



  1. With 2012, and all its uncertainties, looming just around the corner it is time to find a way to make a difference. No one can say what is going to happen, but wouldn't it be nice to have had your life count for something JUST IN CASE it does?

  2. The continued incarceration of Ramsey is an insult to the Chicano community as a whole. His contributions to our people as well as his own personal accomplishments make this injustice all the more intolerable. He is a living legend and deserves to be free, even if just on humanitarian reasons. Ramsey has been a good friend and mentor to me and I hope that Governor Perry or President Obama consult their consciences and do the right thing by releasing him. After all, in America, civil rights leaders are entitled to the rewards of their efforts on our behalf. This travesty of justice should be made right, and Ramsey should be freed so that he can spend the rest of his life enjoying the company of his family.